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This livejounal account is being deemed as inactive. Please use my new LJ account at http://jaiedavis.livejournal.com/. Also, I will be posting things to a new blog at http://jaie.jaieproductions.com/blog/. Bookmark it if it you want to.


I just lost the game! Damnit!

The End of UM-Ja-Davis

I have a new LJ account. If you want to know what it is, IM me and I'll tell you.

The Day That Bruised My Heart

[x-posted from my facebox blog]

It was on this day, Valentine's Day of last year, that everything between me and my fiancé had had started to go downhill. I was a bit too wrapped up in the work that I was doing that I failed to even pay attention to the needs of my "other" on this day.

Though in looking at what all transpired, I never had much support from my fiancé to begin with either. So to say that I messed up a day that was meant for spending time with someone you love, is a bit misconstrued. I loved my "other" half of me at the time. Often times it was the only thing that kept me going on days where I literally had no one to talk to.

Yet, in writing about this, and breaking my silence of almost a complete year on the subject, I can't help but say that my fiancé was just a infatuation that I had had at the time. Now, before you go off and start saying that I squandered love, or have my attention misplaced, hear me out.

Everyone wants to be loved. It's within our being, our core nature. It's not something that can be easily taken away from us. And with my fiancé, I was loved, had love, and shared love. Though a lot of it was one sided. And in the grand scheme of things, I realize that material gifts, or possessions don't hold much place in a person's heart. They just take up space that could be used to fulfill a full and complete love that is so profound, that only the gods can understand.

So in the end, I can truly say that I learned my lesson the hard way.

Love is not a game, nor an expression that should be lightly used, nor a feeling that should be squandered upon the material world. Love is a gift from up above, that is meant to be shared. It is the one thing that binds a person, and at the same time sets them free. Love, it is the ultimate tool of destruction and chaos. Yet in all its perplexities, it is the one that heals and mends all.

So on this day, share your love, your true love, and watch what happens. You'll be surprised that even the smallest act can move mountains in a person's heart. And always remember, love is not a game, but an experience for all to share.

525,600 Minutes

It all started today.  Details on exactly what will follow later on in the day.


I'm just wondering how many people have a Facebox account that are on LJ.  I'd like to add you.

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Humble Opinions - Episode 1

It is my humble opinion that people from other countries should not look down on others living in a country that they have not lived in (properly or for a decent amount of time). I say this because of the shit-strewn media that gets aired across the globe is often distorted, very slanted, and distorted no matter what country you live in. It pains me to listen to people bitch and moan about other countries practices, and policies when they can't even look at their own and see the flaws in their own society. Now I will say that in living in the USA, I do see the flaws in the current system and practices, and I'm trying to do my part to be a functional member of society, while educating people that this country is very fucked up. Yet, in doing this, I often look to other countries for a plausible solution to whatever topic I've put my focus on, and more than seventy-five percent of the time, their solutions are just as fucked as ours. Though when weighing the lesser of the two evils, I, and possibly even you, have thought that your country has the best way of doing things, and will parade this banner across your chest as a part of your national pride. I must ask that all of you to stop, and properly weigh each solution with logic and reason. By saying "My country is the best to live in, and all you fuckers are just shit because of your practices," while offering no alternate solution, to me, seems a bit hypocritical and a sign of asinine thinking. So with this humble opinion of mine, I am asking you to stop before you spew your national shit all over another country's practices simply because you are too narrow minded to see that each country is fucked up in and of itself, and that to change the current policies/practices, it will take time and an awareness that has not been seen since the last world war, civil war, or revolution.



As of tomorrow you will not be able to download the following shows from The FBC: Albatross Pie, Dead Air, Howling Hour, The Brainstew, The VLF, Yiff Theatre, and Plus 5. As of this post you have 13 hours to get these shows, and then they will be lost forever.

Just a heads up for would be inquirers

If I say that I don't want to talk about something, then I don't want to talk about it.  So, please stop pressing the issue further. This has been you weekly service announcement from the very pissed off and (now) groggy Jaie. That is all.

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